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Thumb Cut Indexing by

Thumb Cut Indexing by
Retail: $40.00
Price: $40.00
Code: ThumbCut
Price Includeds Indexing and Shipping
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Thumb Cut Bible Indexing by ROSS GAGE, Inc - For shipments to US Addresses only

Thumb Cut Indexed Bibles are not returnable

The $40 that we charge for this service includes the amount we pay the indexer (Ross Gage), shipping the Bible to them and prepaying the shipping costs from them to the customer.

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Thumb Cut Bible Indexing


Thumb Cut
Thumb Cut
The Indexing Process

Thumb Cut Indexing is the oldest and best known form of indexing. It is mostly commonly found in bibles and dictionaries. Basically, the process has changed little for many years. Thumb Cut Indexing involves three separate steps: first, the specific pages must be found and the position of each cut marked. Second, an operator positions a hand held, hydraulically powered cutting tool at each location and cuts the thumb cut notch. Last, an operator applies the die cut, foil stamped tabs to each location. As you see, this is labor intensive and therefore the more costly method of indexing.