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Switched-On Schoolhouse - 6th Grade History - Free US UPS Ground Shipping

Switched-On Schoolhouse - 6th Grade History - Free US UPS Ground Shipping
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Switched-On Schoolhouse - 6th Grade Bible


Travel through the adventures of the Bible!


In SOS 6th Grade Bible, student's will discover the wonderful acts of God by traveling the biblical timeline, from Creation to Revelation! Students will learn about amazing people and places as they jump into stories covering the following topics: 

  • From Creation to Moses 

  • From Joshua to Ruth 

  • The Kingdom of Israel 

  • Captivity and Restoration 

  • The Apostle Paul 

SOS 6th Grade Bible will take your student into the world of the Bible with a rich and fun experience.  Also in this grade, learn about the Divided Kingdom of Israel, Jesus' ministry and miracles, and the Twelve Disciples, followers of Jesus.  Capture their imagination with illuminating stories like the Ten Commandments, David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lion's Den, the Feeding of the Five Thousand, and the Parable of the Lost Sheep.


Product Details: 

  • AOP Item Number:  SOS600B

  • Publisher:  Alpha Omega Publications

  • Retail Price:  $99.96


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