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Switched-On Schoolhouse - 12th Grade Government & Economics

Switched-On Schoolhouse - 12th Grade Government & Economics
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Switched-On Schoolhouse - 12th Grade History


Ruling and Financing the World! 


Focusing on different types of government, SOS 12th Grade Government & Economics shows the purpose and reason for law and order in society.  Additionally, the importance of economics is discussed.  Easy-to-grasp subjects are: 

  • International Governments 

  • United States Governments

  • History of Governments

  • The Christian and His Government

  • Free Enterprise

Invest in your student's future with SOS 12th Grade Government & Economics!  After learning in-depth details about leadership, student's are taught the basics of working and trading within an economic system.  They will learn about budgeting and financing, personal banking, currency terms, and economic definitions.  Great for future use, student's will also learn how to interact in business and in the stock market.


Product Details: 

  • AOP Item Number:  SOS1200H

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  • Retail Price:  $99.96