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Switched-On Schoolhouse - 12th Grade Christian Faith & Living

Switched-On Schoolhouse - 12th Grade Christian Faith & Living
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Switched-On Schoolhouse - 12th Grade Bible


A Christian formula for success! 


With SOS 12th Grade Christian Faith & Living, student's will learn about themselves and the amazing difference they can make for Christ.  Preparing young adults for the world, SOS 12th Grade Christian Faith & Living gives enduring advice as student's prepare for the next exciting step in their lives.  Helps evaluate personal challenges by studying empowering subjects like:

  • Knowing Yourself

  • Knowing about Christian Ministries

  • Making your Choice of a Christian Minestry

  • Comparative Religion

  • Wisdom for Today's Youth

Give your student a rock-solid foundation for the world with SOS 12th Grade Christian Faith & Living!  Packed with wisdom and guidance for everyday living, student's will look at captivating topics like the Godhead, the Attributes of God—Holiness and Goodness, and the Epistles of James and John.  Enlightening subjects also covered are biblical literature; understanding Buddhism, Muslims, and Hinduism; spiritual gifts; and practical Christian living.


Product Details: 

  • AOP Item Number:  SOS1200B

  • Publisher:  Alpha Omega Publications

  • Retail Price:  $99.96



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