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KJV Audio Bible on MP3 2 CDs

KJV Audio Bible on MP3 2 CDs
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KJV Audio Bible on MP3 2 CDs

The entire KJV Bible on two MP3 discs that play in your computer or MP3 player. Read by Eric Martin, internationally acclaimed winner of Gold Medal Awards for narration, recipient of the Barnes and Noble 5-star Award for his narration of the Bible and holder of Communicator Award of Excellence. Listen as he brings out the richness and timeless poetry of the King James Bible, imparting its divinely inspired truth in a sincere, compelling manner. Enrich your spiritual life and add new dimensions to your understanding.

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KJV Bible on MP3 Narrated By Eric Martin

The Old Testament and the New Testament arranged in order* and selectable by chapter on your computer/MP3 player. An incredible resource at an incredible price. The Bible on MP3 is a wonderful tool.


  • Complete Old and New Testament Audio Bible King James Version in condensed MP3 Format
  • Narrated by Eric Martin
  • Plays in MP3 Players, Computers and MP3 compatible CD players
  • Menu and Topical Chapters Designed for Use with all PC computers.


  • A playback device capable of playing MP3 disc technology, or
  • A computer with basic audio capabilities such as Windows Media® player, RealOne® player or WinAmp® player
  • Computer is required for viewing topical playlist selections

*Important Notice

You will notice that the books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are out of sequence in this 2 CD set of The Complete Holy Bible, King James Version in MP3 Audio Format. This was done so that this recording of the Bible would properly fit on the 2 discs. You can be assured that the complete reading of the Bible is intact: no content is missing. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.