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Adventures Of Adam Raccoon 8 Volume Set

Adventures Of Adam Raccoon 8 Volume Set
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Adventures Of Adam Raccoon
Adventures Of Adam Raccoon 8 Volume Set
(Please scroll to the bottom of the page to explore each of the 8 Titles)

The Adventures of Adam Raccoon take place in the heart of the Master’s Wood. Adam Raccoon, along with his animal friends, find both danger and beauty in the woods filled with streams, waterfalls, and tall trees. Kids will easily relate to Adam who is playful, curious, a little mischievous, and tender hearted. Whenever Adam gets himself into trouble by going his own way, King Aren comes to the rescue.
  • The 8 books are beautifully illustrated and solidly Biblical.
  • Lee Strobel, Author of Case for Christ said of Forever Falls:
    • This poignant tale of how a lion named King Aren sacrifices himself to save his friend Adam from a dangerous waterfall is a powerful parable for the story of salvation. It's so well done that I once read it in a sermon I did for adults!"

The Video below narrates "The Lost Woods" Book.

The Author

ISBN 10: 1937212245
ISBN 13: 9781937212247
For Early Reading Children
Author: Glen Keane
Publisher: Green Egg Media Inc.