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DVD Malatya - The documentary of three Martyrs from Malatya Turkey

DVD Malatya - The documentary of three Martyrs from Malatya Turkey
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Malatya DVD

Malatya: Three Christians were brutally murdered on April 18, 2007 in the offices of a Christian publisher in Malatya, Turkey. The five Muslim men who killed them all carried identical notes in their pockets: "We did this for our country. They were attacking our religion."

Instead of hatred, Christians responded with love. On national television two widowed mothers echoed Christ: "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing." Muslims across the nation wondered how Christians could respond with such love.

Malatya, a feature-length documentary film, tells the story of three men willing to give up their lives to share the gospel with their friends, and the fruit that has grown up from their sacrifice.

"Stunned after viewing Malatya, the story of the first martyrs of the modern Turkish Church” -  Max Lucado

“Most Christians don’t have a clue what it means to be a confessing Church in the heart of darkness...
Malatya is a shattering wake-up call”
-  Tracy Goot , Author of Madman

“The Malatya film gives gritty, realistic, unassuming access into the lives of the widows and families, as well as the church-body that is still grieving in Turkey”-  Desiring God Ministries

DVD Features: 

  • Release: October 20, 2009

  • Run Time: 69 Minutes

  • Languages: English

  • All Region, NTSC

Special Features: 

  • A sixteen pages full color booklet with
    pictures and information about Turkey

  • Audio, visual prayer guide 15 minutes

  • Beautiful footage from across the country

  • A rich soundtrack of Turkish music

  • Digital Book

  • Extended Scenes

  • Message from Filmmakers

Product Details: 

  • Rating : NR

  • Dove Approval : Dove Approved Ages 12+

  • UPC Number : 813898010019

  • Director : Nolan Dean

  • Languages : English

  • Run Time : 69

  • MRP : $19.99