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Boyd's Commentary For The Sunday School 2015-2016

Boyd's Commentary For The Sunday School 2015-2016
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Boyd's Commentary Boyd’s Commentary continues the tradition of excellence established through the years. Sunday school directors, teachers, and students are again provided with a scholarly, stimulating, insightful, and resourceful Sunday school lesson commentary. Readers will find in its pages information that will provide the necessary insight to “rightly divide” the Word of God (see 2 Tim. 2:15). Edification is one of the primary goals of the writers of this commentary.
  • The section titled “Exposition” provides the reader with a verse-by-verse  analysis  of  the  Scriptures  and  is  designed  to  help  the  serious  Bible  student  gain  a  deeper understanding  of  the  Word  of God.
  • The “Lesson Applied” section provides a life-application approach,  which  helps  the  reader  interpret  Scripture  from  the  perspective of its practical impact on his or her life.
  • In the “Let’s Talk  About  It”  section,  pertinent  questions  that  intersect  with  our life concerns are raised and answered by examining what the Scripture teaches on those issues.
  • Boyd’s  Commentary is  a  scholarly  work  that  equips  the  teacher  and  edifies  the  student,  enabling  both  to  increase  their  knowledge  of  the  Word  of  God.  Its  very  special  design  allows  the  user  to quickly grasp the volume of information contained within. Its verse-by-verse format provides the best approach to preparation, presentation,  and  implementation  of  biblical  principles.  The  information  is  doctrinally  accurate.  It  is  inductive  in  approach and international in appeal. Its purpose is to reveal the will of God as  one  studies  the  Word  of  God  so  that  the  reader  might  do  the work of God.
R.H. Boyd Publishing
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