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Falling in Love with GOD Again

Falling in Love with GOD Again
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Falling In Love with God again As the couple sit and await for the marriage counselor to begin their session, the couple's eyes happen to meet and without a word being uttered, they both speak inwardly, "what happened to the pure and intense love that we once shared together? How did we drift apart from each other to two distant islands?" many believers in Christ have experienced this state in their relationship with God. Their fire, love and intensity for seeking and worshiping God has been replaced by other activities that fail to fill the void in their heart with true fulfillment and true joy.

Falling in Love with God Again gives believers a road map back to a strong relationship with God. The author identifies pitfalls that cause believers to stray from God, spiritual keys for starting over with God and guidelines and boundaries to avoid straying from God's arms again. Many believers conclude that joy, peace, love, hope and security cannot be found in earthly possessions, but only can be found in the arms of God Almighty. Is is time for you to bypass the distractions in your life and Fall in Love with God Again?


ISBN 10: 1562294911
ISBN 13: 9781562294915
Author: Earl Johnson
Publisher: Pneuma Life Publishing
Weight: 0.5LB
Pages: 139