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Satisfied A 90 Day Spiritual Journey Toward Food Freedom

Satisfied A 90 Day Spiritual Journey Toward Food Freedom
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Satisfied 90 Day Devotional towards food freedom Satisfied
A 90 Day Spiritual Journey Toward Food Freedom.
Dr. Rhona Epstein, PSY.D
Certified Food Counselor

  • Allow yourself to be set free from food addiction and experience true, lasting satisfaction!
  • Are you satisfied with your relationship with food? Maybe you’re only beginning to recognize your relationship with food isn’t a healthy one. Or maybe you’ve lost hope that anything can change.
  • In Satisfied, Dr. Rhona takes readers on an intense 90-day journey toward those first bold steps to liberation from slavery to food cravings. For those simply looking for healthier food behaviors, or those deeply struggling with food addiction and abuse, these 12 weeks of reflections—rooted in the 12 Steps of recovery and based on Dr. Rhona’s personal and professional experiences—combine spiritual guidance with practical encouragement.
  • By trusting God one day at a time, He will heal your heart and soul from the inside out. In doing so, you can be truly, fully satisfied.

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ISBN 10: 0998325325
ISBN 13:
Publisher: Dexterity LLC
Published: January 12th 2018
Author: Dr. Rhona Epstein
Retail Price: $15.99
Paperback Book
Book Weight: 6.4 oz