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When Does God Sleep? - Discovering God Series - Hardback

When Does God Sleep? - Discovering God Series - Hardback
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Discovering God Series


Discovering God Series:


Designed to encourage a God-centered worldview, each Biblically-based book focuses on a different characteristic of our Creator.  Full of bright illustrations and written in terms children can understnd, these whimsical but thought-provoking stories follow the adventures of a young bear named Bailey.


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"On a day like today,
What would happen instead
If God didn't get up,
But just stayed in His bed?"

Bailey Bear is worried. If God is asleep, He might miss Bailey's first day of school and just about anything could happen. What if the slide becomes an alligator or Bailey swings into a nest of mad bees? Bailey's mother assures him God is always alert. He never grows tired or needs to rest. "So when bad things happen, know our God always cares. He will listen to you and will answer your prayers."

Book Details:

  • ISBN:  9780984417612

  • Format:  Hardback

  • Size: 10 1/4 x 8 1/4 Inches

  • Publication Date:  2004       

  • Publisher:  Bees With Flashlights, Llc

  • Ages:  4-8