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Raising Children without going insane, by Jane Evans - Paperback

Raising Children without going insane, by Jane Evans - Paperback
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Raising Children without going insane


Imagine raising two teenagers and a newborn baby, working full-time as a motivational speaker, teacher, and pastor--all at the same time!

This hilarious and heart-warming book opens an amazing window into the arena of parenting. You will laugh and you will cry, but most of all, the hope that you feel as you read the pages of this book will encourage, inspire, and motivate you. It's not a manual of quick fixes, clich�d answers, and packaged solutions. It's an insightful, humorous, and honest account from a mother who's been there and back and lived to tell the tale.

As you indulge yourself in this delightful book, you will come to realize that parenting is an adventure with few rules and a whole lot of trial and error. You will discover that the answers to parenting are found in the most unlikely of places and that the parent your children need is already inside of you just waiting to be set free.

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Book Details: 

  • ISBN: 0883687240

  • ISBN-13: 9780883687246

  • Author: Evans Jane

  • Publisher: Whitaker House

  • Retail Price: 12.99

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  • Size:  9 x 6 x 1/2 Inches