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A Simple Christianity, by John MacArthur, Hardcover

A Simple Christianity, by John MacArthur, Hardcover
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John MacArthur  has an answer for those finding the Christian life too complicated, their zeal diminished, their relationship with Jesus grown cold and predictable. 


Award winning author and respected pastor-teacher,  John MacArthur  reminds us in A Simple Christianity that what's been lost can be found and tells us how!  This practical tool can help readers restore the fire and conviction of their first love for Christ by helping them to better understand His character, His Glory, and His love for them.  MacArthur counsels all who want more love for Christ to pursue Him by making Christ their focus each day, in every activity, in every contact, and in every thought.  It's when you make Him your priority and love Christ with all your heart, soul, and strength that God is glorified.


Publishers Description:


As the age of information grinds on, life seems to have become more complex and confusing than ever. The internet-an information superhighway-has been like drinking from a fire hose to many of us, and we've got to be very careful what we take in. In today's context, A Simple Christianity is just what we need.

John MacArthur has been uniquely gifted to explain difficult concepts in the simplest terms, and A Simple Christianity is no different. This refreshing book will refocus your thinking on what's really important in life, and you'll learn to pursue Christ in every aspect of your life.

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  • ISBN: 0830747540

  • ISBN-13: 9780830747542

  • Author: MacArthur John

  • Publisher: Gospel Light/Regal Books

  • Retail Price: 17.99

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A Simple Christianity: Rediscover the Foundational Principles of Our Faith