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RVR 1960 Biblia de Estudio Vida Plena - Tela Negro (Hard Cover Bible)

RVR 1960 Biblia de Estudio Vida Plena - Tela Negro (Hard Cover Bible)
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Biblia de Estudio Vida Plena - Tela Negro

This Bible includes extensive notes on the bottom of each page written by theologians that help you understand better the Word of God and offer suggestions to put in practice what you have learned. It also has 77 brief essays that are inserted in the text that are important for every Christian and 12 symbols in the margins that indicate the theme of the text. These themes include salvation, baptism/and being filled with the Holly Spirit, sanctity, the second coming of Jesus, the fruit of the Spirit, faith that moves mountain, evangelism, victory over Satan, the power that conquers the world, worship, walking in obedience, and justice. It includes 44 maps and tables inserted in the text to help the reader understand the places and concepts. It also has 28 diagrams, which are the following: Origin of the nations, the Hebrew calendar, the tabernacle, miracles in the Old Testament, prophesies of the Old Testament fulfilled in Jesus, and God's ministry. It also has an introduction to each book, index, concordance, 16 full-color maps, reading plans, and references at the bottom of the page.

Biblia de Estudio Vida Plena - Tela Negro

Format: Hard Cover

Size: 6-3/4 x 9-5/8 x 1-1/2

Pages: 2112

ISBN: 0829719806

ISBN 13: 9780829719802

Publisher: Zondervan

Biblia de Estudio de la VIDA PLENA

Reina-Valera 1960


This Bible features:

  • Reina Valera version
  • Introductions to every book
  • Extensive study notes, explaining Bible verses and passages, positioned on the same page for easy access.
  • 16 pages of full-color maps
  • An extensive concordance, to help you locate a verse for which you recall a key word but not its location
  • Subject index directing you to the most important notes and articles on many key topics