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KJV Cambridge Large Print (10.5pt Bold) Text Bible Black French Morocco Leather

KJV Cambridge Large Print (10.5pt Bold) Text Bible Black French Morocco Leather
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KJV Cambridge Large Print Bible

A large-print KJV Bible that is easy on the eye yet comfortable to hold. The large, black print is clear and easy to read. This is a text edition only, no references or maps included.

The King James Version of 1611 has been the most widely known and quoted version of the Bible over three centuries. Many people in this country and abroad have been brought up with the King James Version, and continue to read it with great affection throughout their lives.

Cambridge Bibles

Cambridge University Press has been publishing Bibles since 1591. Cambridge Bibles continue to be of the highest quality, created by craftsmen using traditional methods and materials.

The world's best leather bibles
Cambridge University Press is committed to the finest printing and binding. We have our own Printing House in Cambridge which is unique in being able to trace its history back to the very beginnings of printing with moveable type. Its sheet-fed process produces the very best Bible pages. In our dedicated Craft Bindery, each volume is treated with the same attention to craftsmanship as was our first Bible in 1591. A hallmark of Cambridge quality is the care taken in choosing the finest leathers from around the world. Each hide is scrutinized and, if accepted, is then cut to size for making the leather cases for the Bible pages. Cambridge uses a range of leathers, with different grains appropriate to the size of the Bible.

The Cambridge Pledge
Each Cambridge Bible has been made with skill and care from the best and most appropriate materials. Treated with reasonable care and respect as befits a well-made and valuable article, it will give you years of use.

The cover material used in the binding of fine Bibles is a natural product and many of the binding processes still require craft techniques and skills, so making each leather Bible unique. However, if there is a reason to believe that a Bible suffers from defects in materials or workmanship and that its condition is not the result of normal use or damage after purchase, the customer should return it to the place where it was purchased. We will arrange to inspect it and, if a replacement is warranted, we will provide one free of charge.

Cambridge Bible Ribbon markers
Ribbon markers allow you to keep your place while looking up cross-references and to mark a particular passage to which you want to return. If the Bible is one of our larger volumes, it will have two ribbons so you can keep your place in both the Old and the New Testaments at the same time. At Cambridge we take special care in choosing ribbon markers. Strong ribbons of appropriate breadth for the size of each Bible are selected, so that they will not curl up, become thread-like and, in extreme cases, cut through the thin Bible pages. A generous length is specified, too, so that the ribbons do not get lost within the pages.

Cambridge Bible Paper
Because of their length, Bibles traditionally have been printed on thin paper to ensure compact volumes. Cambridge Bibles are printed on paper much thinner and finer than ordinary book paper yet also strong and opaque, so that show-through from one page to another is minimized. Our paper buyers carefully choose the kind of paper best suited to each Bible type and size. They balance considerations of strength, thinness, and opacity, and use only papers that meet the highest environmental standards.

Cambridge Bible Note-taking
The wide variety of pens and markers available today makes it impossible to give an unconditional guarantee that notes written on the Bible pages will not smudge or bleed through over time. If using pens or markers, Cambridge suggests that you take care in the choice of writing implement and the pressure that is applied.

Head and tail bands
All Cambridge Bibles have the traditional "head and tail" bands which were once used to help people take the books down from densely stocked shelves. Today, they are added as a decorative item and the colors are chosen to complement the shade of leather and gilding used in the binding.

Gilt edges and blocking
Many Cambridge Bibles and prayer books are decorated with metallic gold or silver foil on their covers and on the edges of their paper. The material that is used in this process gives a rich, bright and attractive finish to the book. However, care must be taken to protect the Bible or prayer book from rain, snow and wet hands, as the metallic foil or page edge guilding may peel when exposed to moisture.

Cambridge Bible paper
Thicker than India paper, but still much thinner than common book papers.

Pronunciation marks
This Bible text incorporate a phonetic system for indicating the way difficult names should be pronounced, showing the vowel sounds and stressed syllables, as in a dictionary.

  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press (Bible publishers since 1591)
  • ISBN: 0521508819
  • ISBN-13:  9780521508810
  • Format: Attractive and durable French Morocco Leather with gilt page edges and gold cover printing. Sewn binding allows the Bible to open flat. Ultra-thin, smooth, opaque, resilient India paper.
  • Translation: King James Version of 1611 (KJV)
  • Ribbon Marker: Black silk
  • Size: 9" x 6 3/8" x 1"
  • Point Size: 10.5 bold
  • Pages: 1568
  • Other Features: Pronunciation marks, Presentation page


Please Note:  This Bible is the Cambridge KJV large print (10.5Pt Bold  Font), Quality Bound, TEXT  Bible. It has a one page book / page name Index at the front and original cover letter to King James. The Bible also has the KJV Traditional Book names, Chapter, Verse and Page Numbers and a short comment on the top of each page. The Bible does not contain a concordance, glossary, maps, translation notes, cros references or helps other than the pronunciation marks and the KJV Text.