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NIrV The Super Heroes Bible SC

NIrV The Super Heroes Bible SC
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NIRV Superheroes Bible You’re a Super Hero! Imagine what it would be like to be the strongest person in the world. Or the smartest. Or the most powerful. You’ll meet these kinds of super heroes in The Super Heroes Bible. The best part of all is, they’re not make-believe. These super heroes really lived. And as you read about their amazing adventures, and some truly nasty villains they faced, you’ll learn how you can become like them.

The Super Heroes Bible takes you back through time into an incredible world of giants and giant-slayers, kings and commanders, miracles and mysteries. Team up with the Bible’s mightiest heroes as they head toward glorious victories—and sometimes crushing defeats.

Using the special Super Hero Decoder, you can crack the codes of honor that drove Moses, Elijah, and other heroes, and then use those codes in your own life.
More than 200 character sketches tell you the stories of Bible men, women, and kids from Genesis to Revelation—including a few of the bad ones!

Learn what to do, and what not to do, in order to be a faith hero. You and your friends will have fun playing the all-new Super Heroes Bible Quiz, packed with fun questions that will help you remember important info about your favorite heroes.
You’ll find a whole lot more features in this Bible all designed to help you power up. Because the coolest thing of all is, YOU can become a hero of the faith. Start reading and find out how.

Comic books. Movies. Video games. You think super heroes are only found there? Think again. The NIrV Super Heroes Bible is packed with ordinary people that were zapped by God into super hero status.
This full-text Bible, in the New International Readers Version is packed with features that will motivate kids to be one of God’s Super Heroes.

Features include:

  • Character Profiles: more than 200 character sketches show kids how to be a hero of faith.
  • Cool Codes: use the Super Hero Decoder to crack the codes of honor of Moses, David, and other Bible super heroes.
  • Check out the decoder key on the back cover of this Bible.
  • 40 Full-Color Pages: action-packed illustrations by Dennis Jones.
  • Game: Super Heroes Bible Quiz challenges kids on how well they know their favorite Bible super heroes.
  • 450 Powersurge Notes: highlight Bible verses that show character traits like Brave, Truthful, and Wise.
  • 66 Book Introductions: summarize the super hero impact of each book of the Bible.
  • Indexes: topical and subject indexes help kids find all the special features and themes in this Bible.
  • Dictionary: explains the meanings of hard words in the Bible.