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CD New Testament Greek Vocabulary 2CDs

CD New Testament Greek Vocabulary 2CDs
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New Tesament Greek Vocabulary CDs

New Testament Greek Vocabulary
Learn on the Go

  • Written by: Jonathan T. Pennington
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Format: Unabridged Audio Pages CD
  • ISBN: 0310243823
  • Run Time: 80 minutes

Audio Clip: Click here to listen to an excerpt from this CD (Requires Windows Media Player)


These two CDs with booklet enable a person who is taking biblical Greek to work on, by ear as well as through the eyes, all vocabulary words that occur in the New Testament ten times or more. Read by Jonathan T. Pennington using the Erasmian pronunciation for New Testament Greek vocabulary.

At Last-a Unique, Convenient, and Practical New Approach to Building a Strong New Testament Greek Vocabulary

Insert one of these audio CDs into your home system, car player, or portable unit, and "down" time becomes learning time-with an audio edge.

Hearing the Greek properly pronounced simplifies your learning process. Whether you're driving to class, exercising, or working around the house, this CD set helps you build a strong, working vocabulary. New Testament Greek Vocabulary includes these features:

  • Words given in descending order of frequency
  • Each word is spoken slowly and clearly, with time after it for you to give the meaning
  • Different tracks enable you to concentrate on different word groupings
  • Nouns given in nominative and genitive forms followed by the article
  • Adjectives given in masculine, feminine, and neuter forms
  • Verbs and all other words given in lexical form
  • 48-page booklet of the entire word list provided to help you track and organize your learning


"A long overdue service to students of the Greek New Testament has been rendered by Jonathan Pennington."-Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary

"Here is a way to make hours in the car profitable while increasing your basic competence in Greek."-Dr. D.A. Carson, Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

"A valuable aid to students engaged in learning or improving their New Testament Greek."-Dr. Douglas Moo, Wheaton College


For all of you fellow auditory learners, I cannot recommend more highly "New Testament Greek Vocabulary" by Jonathan T. Pennington. It includes 2 audio CDs and a 48 page booklet of all words occuring 10 times or more in the NT. Pennington pronounces the lexical form, pauses, and then gives a short English gloss. The audio quality is outstanding. I listened to the CDs in my car during commutes to and from the office and had all the words and definitions completely memorized in less than two months. Thank you, Jonathan and Zondervan! I recently received word that Pennington finished recording a Hebrew vocabulary set in April for Zondervan, production is almost finished, and the CDs should be available soon. I can hardly wait! - Greg Van Court from Austin, TX

Finally, a Fantastic Audio Tool!!

Pennington's offering of the spoken vocabulary of the Greek New Testament is a fantastic learning tool. Way to go, Zondervan! The pronunciation scheme is consistent and appropriate for all students. Pennington's voice is gentle and easy to listen to. I have been teaching NTG for 20 years and have long desired to have such a tool to provide my students. The audio element has been missing in NTG education and these well-organized CD's help close the gap. In order to learn a language and not just learn about a langauage, the student must hear the spoken word. I applaud Zondervan and Pennington for an excellent tool. You have got to get Pennington to read the Greek New Testament on CD. May you could start by releasing a portion on a trial CD. Since many evangelical seminaries focus on the vocabualary of 1 John for beginning students, perhaps Pennington could release a 1 John CD or a CD with John's gospel, epistles, and revelation. At any rate, I would be the first customer.

- Ross Munnerlyn, Ed.D. from Brea, California (Southern California)

Great Study Tool

Beginning and intermediate students of New Testament Greek will soon learn to call these CDs their best friends. My original greek teacher spoke Greek with a Texan accent and I have always had trouble understanding others who use what the introduction of the compan booklet calls "the American pronunciation" scheme. Pennington speaks clearly and consistently. I have very few complaints 1) the tracks on the CD are approx. 30-82 words long --way to much for memorization purposes, 2) Zondervan does not carry related materials --i.e. an audio version of the Greek New Testament (in the same pronounciation scheme) --something every would-be Greek scholar would pay big bucks for-- disks containing the remaining words all the way down to hapax legomena, and an English to greek audio set for beginning Greek classes.

- Ty Frost from Portland, OR