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Harmony Of The Gospels NASB R L Thomas & S N Gundry

Harmony Of The Gospels NASB R L Thomas & S N Gundry
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Harmony Of The Gospels NASB This Harmony of the Gospels is introduced as a resource to encourage a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, His life, death, and resurrection. This work provides a modern English translation of the gospels which is based on a more literal philosophy of translating the Greek text.



  • Intro to the Harmony
  • An Outline for a Harmony of the Gospels
  • Explanation of General Format of the NASB
  • Explanation of the Harmony's Format
  • Essays Related to Harmonistic Studies: Is a harmony of the Gospels legitimate
  • A History of Harmonies
  • Sources, Form and Redaction Criticism
  • Criticism of the Gospel of John
  • Problems and Principles of Harmonization
  • The Language Jesus Spoke
  • The Genealogies in Matthew and Luke
  • The Day and Year of Christ's Crucifixion
  • Chronology of the Life of Christ
  • The Arrest and Trial of Jesus
  • Table of Section Cross References
  • Tables for Finding Passages in the Harmony
  • Timelines: The Life of Christ, The Ministry of Christ, Passion Week
  • Maps
Isbn: 006063524X
Isbn-13: 9780060635244
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Author: Thomas/Gundry
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Price: 23.99
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