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Bible Resource Page



Bible Resource Page


Study Bibles  include other people's notes and insights about God's Word such as commentary from renowned pastors and theologians. They also often include additional information such as historical or archaeological notes and facts.                                                           


Reference Bibles  serve to help readers better understand God's Word about His Word. They include either center-column or end-of-verse cross references to better understand the relationships of Scripture.


Devotional and Inspirational Bibles  include articles and content that offer encouragement. This content is interspersed throughout the text of the Bible and is designed to encourage the reader with the truths of the biblical message.


Daily Bibles   are designed for guided daily reading. They include portions from both the Old and New Testaments that can be read each day following a plan or organized way of reading. Daily Bibles help guide readers through each day's reading within a one-year period.


Giant/Large Print Bibles were created to help make the reading experience better. They are available in a number of Bible types and enhance reading God's Word with larger type sizes for improved comfort.


Teen and Children's Bibles  help younger readers to understand His Word through formats and content created with them in mind. They feature translations specifically developed for children; devotional content written to speak to issues teens deal with every day; and covers designed to appeal to teens' and childrens' style trends.




The  Amplified Bible  adds explanatory and alternate readings and amplifications within the Bible text to help the reader understand Scripture


The  Contemporary English Version (CEV)  gives the meaning of the text in plain modern speech.  It smoothes out rough places and eliminates repetition, making it a good choice for casual reading and devotional use.


The  English Standard Version (ESV)  is essentially literal and noted for its accuracy and traditional style, while using clear modern language.  Good for personal reading, worship and study.


The  Good News Translation (GNT)  seeks to express the ideas in Scripture as they would have expressed if they were being written today in everyday English.  Good for reading and understanding the message of the Bible.


The  Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)  is a newer translation (2003) in modern English that maintains traditional style and accuracy.  Its footnotes are highly regarded.  Works well for study, reading, and teachings. 


The  International Children's Bible (ICB) , the first Bible translation for children, uses short, simple sentences that can be read easily by early readers. 


The  King James Version (KVJ) , the all time bestseller for four centuries, is the choice for those wanting a traditional Bible.  It is good for study because of the huge selection of reference works tat are available for it.  Widely used for memorizing scripture and for worship. 


The Message (MSG)  is an innovative translation of the Bible in free, natural language that is often surprising and which grabs the reader's attention.  good for devotional reading and discu9ssion. 


The  New American Bible (NAB)  is used predominantly by Roman Catholics.  Accuracy and ease of reading make it useful for worship, school and Catholic teaching.  It's detailed notes and references suit it well for study. 


The  New American Standard Bible (NASB)  , Updated 1995, is highly regarded for its literal accurate.  Great for word study because it pays close attention to the wording and structure of the original Hebrew and Greek and attempts to use words consistently.  Good for personal and small group studies. 


The  New Century Version (NCV)  is a modern language translation that emphasizes clear communication.  Its is good for devotional reading and group study, and useful for outreach and to people new to Bible reading. 


The  New International Version (NIV) , updated in 2011.  The NIV is a modern English translation that achieves a good balance between accuracy and readability.  It is good for reading and individual or group study.  Many good Bibles and study resources are available for the NIV. 


The  New King James Version (NKJV)  maintains the traditional King James style and accuracy while using up-to-date English.  Good for devotional use and study.  Many good study and application-oriented Bibles use the NKJV. 


The  New Living Translation (NLT)  was prepared with the goal of making the Bible especially usable for reading loud in group teachings or worship settings.  It presents the meaning of the Bible in common, every-day language. 


The  New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)  maintains a traditional Bible style.  The NRSV and its predecessor, the Revised Standard Version (RSV), are used by many in mainline protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox churhces.  They are both accurate and readable, making them good choices for study or devotions.


Spanish Bibles:

The  Reina-Valera 1909 (PVR 1909)  maintains the traditional Spanish style and accuracy.  Used in many traditional denominations.  Targeted to believers over 45 years of age.  Comparable to the King James Version.

The  Reina-Valera 1960 RVR 1960)  maintains the traditional Spanish style and accuracy while using an updated Spanish.  Good for devotional use and study.  The most common text used in the churches today.  Many good study and application-oriented Bibles use the RVR 1960.  Comparable to the New King James Version.

The  Dios Habla Hoy (DHH)  seeks to express the ideas in Scripture as they would be expressed if they were translated into current Spanish today.  Good for reading and understanding the message of the bible.  Comparable to the Good News Translation.

The  Nueva Version Internacional (NVI)   is the translation from the original languages that combines meaning-based and formal translation, while maintaining a traditional Bible feel.  Good for reading and individual or group study.  Comparable to the New International Version.

The Nueva Biblia al Dia (NBD)  was prepared with the goal of makin the Bible especially usable for reading aloud in group teaching or worship settings.  It presents the meaning of the Bible in common, everyday language.  Comparable to the New Living reanslation.


Font Sizes:


Bible Font Sizes can range from Small (5.5pt.) in some compact Bibles all the way to Super Giant (22 point).  The Font size of the Bible should be displayed under "Bible Details" on that products page. 


Click Here to View and print out a Page that shows and compares font sizes.

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