Explore PC Study Bible Version 5

Just imagine...an entire library of Bibles and the most respected reference works at your fingertips...all linked together and available instantly at the click of a mouse. Forget searching through web sites that may or may not have what you’re looking for. Study the way you want with your favorite Bibles and references in one place...and all at a fraction of the cost of the works in print!

That's PC Study Bible Version 5, the easiest-to-use Bible software with all of the power and content you need to study the way you want

Find any Bible verse or passage instantly...

Compare up to eight Bible translations side-by-side...

Search your entire study library for any English, Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic word or phrase with the new SmartViewTM pane, the Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic Word Database or the global search features...

Retrieve expert commentary, analysis and background information from the most trusted Bible reference works ever written...

Unlock the meaning of Bible words and passages with comprehensive original language tools...

Save your studies and pick them back up later with our convenient save and restore desktop feature...

Explore any Bible topic through thousands of articles, cross-references, expanded SmartReferencesTM and interactive outlines...

Author your own Bible study materials that instantly "plug into" your PC Study Bible library, just as if they were created by Biblesoft...and so much more!

And of course, all of these invaluable study resources are linked directly to the Bible — the center of your studies. In fact, as you study any verse or passage in the Bible, the program directs you to all of this information automatically!

We’re confident PC Study Bible Version 5 will quickly become your indispensable companion for more effective Bible study and ever deepening knowledge of God’s Word.  


Spend less time searching...and more time studying!
PC Study Bible's revolutionary SmartView™ with related Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic Word Database, SmartReferences™ and CrossReferences automatically find and display every piece of information in your library that's related to the verse or topic you're studying, so you never waste time with fruitless searching.

Unparalleled Ease of Use
Our completely redesigned desktop streamlines your Bible study by providing simple, intuitive, consistent access to all aspects of your library.

Powerful Content
An entire library of timeless and most up-to-date, carefully selected reference materials, as well as a continually expanding list of add-on modules to keep your library growing.

Brand New Audio Support
The Biblesoft Audio/Video System, included with every PC Study Bible library, lets you play specially formatted audio-video presentations and helps you to pronounce any Grek lexical form word with a simple click.

PC Study Bible...the way YOU study!
Other Bible study programs require tightly specified search variables to return successful results. In short, other programs require
you to do most of the work to get anything approaching relevant results.
PC Study Bible is different — it automatically finds all related information for the verse or topic you're studying! Every time you open a Bible or a reference work, PC Study Bible instantly finds and displays other information from your library about the verse or topic. And because it shows you only the reference works that have relevant information about what you're studying, you never waste time in fruitless searching — you just start studying!

Start where you want...Go where you want.
PC Study Bible lets you choose where you start your study. Unlike other programs, that force you into starting from a specific place or studying in a specific way, PC Study Bible recognizes that you have your own way of studying the Bible. So you can start by viewing cross-references, comparing Bible translations, or clicking on any Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic word in any reference to begin a word study. Or with a couple clicks, you can choose to view a selection of commentaries, maps, and even articles on a multitude of topics. The choice is yours. And once you've begun your study, Biblesoft's powerful linking system enables you to quickly and easily view one reference work after another with yet more information on the subject that you are studying. That's why we say: PC Study Bible is lighting way you study.

PC Study Bible Version 5's newly redesigned interface makes it easier than ever for you to study the Bible by providing simple, intuitive, consistent access to all aspects of your PC Study Bible library. We've updated how it looks, but kept all of the Version 4 functions in the same place so you won’t have to relearn where to find information. Our new interface is significantly easier to use, while also providing greater flexibility and power with new features such as the SmartView™ pane to increase the effectiveness of your personal Bible study.

Stay organized, no matter how many references you consult
When you begin your Bible study in Version 5, you'll be amazed at how effortless it is to keep track of where you are. That's because each window has a "tab" at the top, much like a file folder so you can easily see what's open enabling you to switch between windows on the fly, and close any window when you’re finished with it.

Additionally, every tab has "launch new" button which allows you to use it as the starting point for another branch of your Bible study If you want to retrace your steps, we added "Back" and "Forward" buttons, much like your favorite Internet browser, so that you can return to where you were with a single click of your mouse.


Each of our five PC Study Bible libraries features the very best conservative, Bible-based reference works for every aspect of Bible study. From classic works like Matthew Henry's Commentary to more modern resources like the Dictionary of Christianity in America, each reference work communicates the central truths of God’s Word in a Biblically accurate way. And PC Study Bible makes these works even more valuable to your Bible study by linking them directly to the Bible — and to the rest of your library — giving you the most powerful, tightly integrated, yet easy-to-use Bible study library available today!

Now with more content in every library
With all new additions like the
Wiersbe Bible Exposition Commentary (OT and NT), plus never before included add-ons like The Complete Jewish New Testament and Jewish New Testament Commentary , PC Study Bible Version 5 is a better value than ever before! No matter which of our six libraries you choose, you'll receive incredible content at a fraction of the print cost!

Keep your library growing continually
Biblesoft is deeply committed to providing you with the most powerful tools to deepen your Bible study, so we're continually adding to our growing list of available titles that plug right into your
PC Study Bible library. With new additions like the Dictionary of Biblical Imagery, IVP’s 18-volume New Testament Commentary, the Counseling Through the Bible, Biblical Counseling Keys Collection and many more on the way, you're sure to find the add-ons you need to keep your library growing with your every study need!


Now with PC Study Bible Version 5, you can hear an in-program pronunciation of the Greek lexical forms in both the Modern and Erasmian styles.

In the coming months Biblesoft will release more resources that take full advantage of PC Study Bible Version 5’s in-program ability to play video presentations that tightly integrate with study content.