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KJV The Subject Bible Italian Two Tone Leathersoft

KJV The Subject Bible Italian Two Tone Leathersoft
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KJV Subject Bible

This soft, high-quality, two-tone (black and brown) Italian LeatherSoft Bible is strategically divided into three sections.

  1. The First section contains the entire King James Version of the Bible in a large print type face in standard verse-and-column format.
  2. The Second section, "The Whole Bible Arranged In Subjects," Features all 31,000 plus KJV Bible verses meticulously organized by subject and arranged into more than 4,000 topics.
  3. The Third Section is an alphabetical subject index that lets you look up any subject alphabetically and the page number where it appears in both of the first two sections. Perhaps best of all, each of the sections (large-print KJV Bible in full, "The Whole Bible Arranged In Subjects", and Alphabetical Subject Index) appear in this one incredible Study Bible!

How It Works

Explore the images above to view the Subject Bible (KJV) page sample from Genesis 1. As you read Genesis 1:1, there are two things that you should notice:

  1. Alternate Definitions for Underlined Words: In verse 1, the word "God" is underlined. In parenthesis at the end of the verse is the word (YHVH) which is the original Hebrew word used in this verse for God. The same format can be seen in verse 3. The word "said" is underlined, and at the end of the verse in parenthesis is the word (commanded), providing details about the original context that can be used to explain the underlined word. These alternate word/definitions appear throughout the regular text of the bible, but only scratch the surface of the true depth of the 316 Mining Subject Bible (KJV).
  2. Page Number References to the Whole Bible Arranged In Subjects: There is a page number that appears in the margin next to every verse in the 316 Mining Subject Bible (KJV). To the left of Genesis 1:1, the page number is "128". This page number references where that specific verse is located in the Whole Bible Arranged In Subjects (Section 2). If you advance through the images, you will see "Book 5 - Works of God" which is located on page 128 of the Whole Bible Arranged In Subjects. Chapter 1 of this section is entitled "Creation". Creation is the subject or topic for that page. There you will see the entire text and reference for Genesis 1:1, along with every other verse in the bible that relates to the topic of Creation! (Including: Genesis 2:4, I Kings 19:15, Job 28:26-27, Psalm 102:25, Psalm 121:2, Proverbs 3:19, Isaiah 37:16, and on, and on, and on!)

Powerful Bible Study Made Easy

The Subject Bible (KJV) allows you to quickly locate and read every verse in the Bible that is related to a particular topic or subject. This format makes for a very unique and powerful method of Bible study. It is important to note that every single verse in the Subject Bible (KJV) does have a page number and does appear in the Whole Bible Arranged In Subjects. No other KJV Bible available allows the reader to study the true Word of God this way, no matter how many cross-references it may contain. In addition to cross-references, almost every traditional study Bible contains commentary—or man's opinion about what the Scripture says—within the Bible itself.

  • The Subject Bible (KJV) virtually eliminates the need for cross-references and the need to constantly turn pages to find verses about a specific subject. Why turn from Genesis to I Kings, from Job to Psalms, and then to Proverbs and so forth? The Subject Bible (KJV) has all of the desired verses about a specific subject on the same page.
  • The Subject Bible (KJV) does not contain any commentary whatsoever, allowing the reader to have an authentic, genuine Bible-studying experience and form their own opinion based on a comparison of verses. Why put man's opinion and commentary in your Bible, when the Subject Bible (KJV) simply allows for you to interpret the commentary straight from the source—the Word of God.

Additional Subject Bible (KJV) Features

  • The King James Version of The Holy Bible (Old and New Testament) in large print type
  • The Holy Bible (Old and New Testament) organized by subject (All 31,173 Bible verses are arranged by over 4,000 topics)
  • Alphabetical Subject Index referring to page numbers in both sections of the 316 Mining Subject Bible (KJV) by topic
  • Nine pages of maps
  • Full-color presentation page with Christian artwork
  • Ribbon marker
  • Gold-gilded pages
  • Gold-stamped cover art

"Preface" Includes Bonus Study Sections

  • The Development of the English Bible
  • The Authorized Version of 1611
  • The Effect of the A.V. 1611 King James Bible
  • Inspiration
  • Preservation

King James Version Only

All of our KJV-minded customers can be proud of the fact that such a well-designed, comprehensive, and in-depth study Bible has been arranged and developed by publishers who uphold the preservation of the King James Bible as God's perfect word. As such, the Subject Bible (KJV) is not available in any translation besides the KJV!

Bible Details

SKU:                    PP-TSBP-TT
Weight:                5.00 lbs
ISBN:                   9781626201385
Author Name:     Power Publishing Corp.
Pages:                 2558
Size:                     6-1/2 x 9-3/4 x 1-1/2 inches
Font Size:            12 pt.