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Story of Jesus for Kids + 50 Bible Songs - 4 CDs

Story of Jesus for Kids + 50 Bible Songs - 4 CDs
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Story of Jesus for Kids - 4 CDs

Title: Story of Jesus for Kids - 4 CDs

Author / Narrator: Multiple Voices


Version: Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Format: 4 Compact Discs

ISBN: 0883688344

Publisher: Whitaker House

Publishing Date: July 2004

Audio Clip: Click here to listen to an excerpt from this CD Set(Requires Windows Media Player)

(Don't miss the song at 2 minutes into the clip!)





Word for word narration as recorded in the Gospels of Luke and John. Multiple voice narration.


Uncompromising simplicity marked the American Bible Society's translation of the Contemporary English Version Bible that was first published in 1995. The text is easily understood by grade-schoolers and those who prefer a more contemporary version. Included with this word-for-word narration of Luke and John are 50 Bible Songs for Kids. Intended for ages 3-12.


BONUS - 50 Bible Songs For Kids



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