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NIV Narrated Bible In Chronological Order - HC (NIV 1984)

NIV Narrated Bible In Chronological Order - HC (NIV 1984)
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NIV Narrated Bible-HC

in Chronological Order

publisher: Harvest House Publishers
devotional commentary: F. LaGard Smith
ISBN: 0736902392
Version: New International Version (NIV)
format: Colored Hard Cover
size: 9-1/4" x 6-1/2" x 1 7/8"
Font Size: 9.5

F. LaGard Smith is the author of more than 20 books. He is the arranger and narrator of The Daily Bible™, 30 Days with Jesus, and 30 Days Through Psalms and Proverbs. For the past two decades, Smith has done most of his writing in the quiet Cotswold countryside of England while spending his time in the States teaching both law and religion at Christian universities.

READ THE ENTIRE BIBLE - from Genesis to Revelation - AS A SINGLE, CONTINUOUS ACCOUNT OF GOD'S PERSONAL INTERACTION WITH MAN! The Narrated Bible presents Scripture (NIV) in chronological order to provide a fascinating tapestry of God's creation, judgments, love, provision, and mercy. An insightful descriptive narrative ties events together and draws you irresistibly into the center of action and a new understanding of the glory and power of God's sovereignty. You'll experience:

  • Deeper insights into your own spiritual journey as the prophets and their teachings come to life in their historical, geographical, and cultural contexts.

  • Greatest understanding of God's wisdom and encouragement through the unique arrangements of the book of Proverbs (by topic) and the book of Psalms (by sentiment).

  • A deeper awareness of the life of Christ and His teachings through the harmonized Gospels.

NIV Narrated Bible, unique in concept and design, combines chronological accuracy, typographic innovation, and an easy–to–read format featuring the widely acclaimed NIV text. A beloved favorite—not with a new cover. The Narrated Bible is the only chronological presentation of God’s Word with devotional commentary to guide the reader, including:

  • the laws of Moses presented together in one unified legal code arranged by subject

  • the wisdom literature—including Proverbs—presented topically

  • the four Gospels gathered together in one harmonious account

  • Paul’s epistles integrated and presented within the historical record of Acts

    Bible readers, ministers, students, and teachers will be delighted with this remarkable Bible.