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Items in green are new to Version 10. See below for a list of the content and features in BibleWorks.

Program Features

Instant deep information


As you move the cursor over the text, the Analysis tabs show related lexical and grammatical references for a word or verse, cross references, full browse context, common words, Study Bible notes, critical apparatus sections, full list of word usage with occurrence graphs, Greek/Hebrew form usage, etc.  

Extensive text search tools


Search the Biblical text for words, partial words, and phrases. English searches allow two different kinds of fuzzy searches. Do lightning fast lexical, grammatical, phrase, semantic domain, related verse, key word in context searches. Build searches with a graphical interface. And more!!

Read the text in columns


Choose how to read Bible versions--parallel columns, vertical comparative lines, or full context.   

Tutorial videos and full manual


Learn to use the program with our extensive online tutorial videos and a full electronic manual.  The manual exhaustively covers the details and features in BibleWorks. The videos are constantly being updated and supplemented.

Type in Greek/Hebrew

A wide range of Greek and Hebrew fonts are provided, both Unicode and non-Unicode. The Unicode fonts SBL Greek, SBL Hebrew, and SBL BibLit are included.

Hebrew and Greek review tools


Includes vocabulary flashcards (electronic, audio, and printable), Daily Light in Greek & Hebrew, and paradigms with audio, two full Greek NT audio Bibles (click on the text to play), more.   

Easy morphology search


Popup list of morphology codes opens as you type morphological codes. 

Instant word details


Move the mouse cursor over a word to see complete lemmatization, parsing, and definition for Greek New Testament, Septuagint and Hebrew Old Testament words.   

Searching reference works


Dictionaries and lexicons are also fully searchable, with many search options.

Bibliographic information

Includes Zotero RDF, Refer-BiblX, BibTeX, and RIS files.

Compare Bible text

Automatic highlighting shows differences in text between Bible versions.    

Customized copy-and-paste

Copy and paste verse text to other programs customizing the text and verse reference format. Drag & Drop is supported between BibleWorks and many word processors. Paste Greek and Hebrew as Unicode text.

Custom cross-reference databases


In addiiton to the extensive cross-reference databases that come with the program, you can also create your own cross-reference databases.

Support for a variety of displays

Whether you're running on a desktop, laptop, projection screen, or high-res/retina display, BibleWorks can easily scale up the size of the text and controls to fit your needs.

Create a custom lexicon for a passage

Select a passage and a set of lexicons to create a custom lexicon of the words in a particular passage.

Diagramming module

In addition to the fully diagrammed Greek NT diagrams, you can construct your own diagrams of any text.

Full-featured editor

Supports formatting and Unicode and has a wide range of editing features.

Text highlighting

Mark up text with color highlighting. You can highlight text yourself, or apply automatic custom text coloring to Greek and Hebrew based on morphology.

High-resolution Hebrew OT and Greek NT mss images


The BibleWorks Manuscript Project contains transcriptions, notes, and complete NT digital image sets (7.5 GB!) of Sinaiticus, Vaticanus, Alexandrinus, Bezae, Washingtonianus, Boernerianus and GA1141. Images are tagged with verse locations. Morphological tagging is not complete for all manuscripts but updates will be provided free of charge to BibleWorks users as they become available. For the Old Testament, BibleWorks also includes a full set of images of the Leningradensis Codex.

Extensive mss image processing tools

Zoom in and alter color, contrast, sharpening levels, and more as you examine the high-resolution mss images from the BibleWorks Manuscript Project.

Mss text comparison

Instantly view the similarities and differences of the mss texts in the BibleWorks Manuscript Project.

Ebook EPUB reader and organizer

Read EPUB ebooks and organize them by category. Ebooks can be read in the main window, next to the Bible text, or they can be opened in a floating window. You can search the current ebook or search your entire ebook collection with a single search.

Link manager

Organize your own links from BibleWorks to Internet resources and other Bible software.

Audio Bibles

Listen to English Bible text read aloud.Two full Greek NT readings also come with BibleWorks.

Manage Internet links and offline books

Organize and browse Internet links and offline files with ERMIE. Trade catalogs of links.

See verse text in verse citations

When reading a lexicon, dictionary, or book, move the mouse over a vese citation and a pop-up shows the verse text.

Multiple instances

Multiple copies of BibleWorks may be opened for convenience.

Greek-Hebrew BHS/LXX alignment

Parallel-Aligned Hebrew and Greek text makes it easy to find and search Hebrew and Greek equivalents.

Create custom reports on a passage

The Report Generator compiles lexical information, morphological analysis, multiple Bible versions, word frequencies and more into a printable document.

Satellite maps


Detailed satellite maps (no Internet connection needed) can be customized with time periods, sites and notations. Dozens of pre-made maps included.

Save and reuse search queries and results

Save a search an re-use it later. The list of hits can be re-used in new searches or recalled for later examination. Search results are highlighted, and the highlights can be reloaded and displayed later.

Compare and manipulate search results

Take the verses from a search and compare or merge with the verses from other searches. Reuse the combined results in new searches.

Limit searches to sections

Searches can be very broad or limited to selected verses or books.

Search sets of Bibles

Sets of favorite Bible versions can be created, saved and searched.

View plots of search results

The stats window enables you to plot, compare, and export graphs of search results.

View Gospel synopsis

The Synopsis Window shows parallel gospel accounts and can be edited.

Export Bible version text to a file

Verses, chapters, books or entire Bible versions can be exported.

Manage and manipulate lists of words


Find the most/least frequently used words for any range of verses. Tag words in search results and reuse them in new searches.

Personal notes

Your own chapter or verse notes load automatically each time you view a verse, serving as a personal Bible commentary. Alternately, you can also attach your own notes to a word in English versions or tagged Greek and Hebrew versions, like a personal lexicon. When you move your mouse over words in the Bible text, your notes instantly appear and can be quickly edited.

Create/import Bible versions

Your own Bible versions can be created, saved, searched and integrated into BibleWorks.

Original Language Texts



* Modern Greek versions in separate section below

Bible Versions
















Greek (modern)

Hebrew (modern)





















† Added after official release at no additional cost to users

Lexical-Grammatical References

Reference Works

Optional Add-On Modules

The resources below can be unlocked for an additional fee.

The following are now included in BibleWorks 8 & 9, but may be purchased and unlocked for BibleWorks 7:

Database Quality

The most commonly used Bible translations are essentially error-free, but some specialized versions and the Greek and Hebrew morphological databases used today may still need work. BibleWorks is committed to correcting problems and providing a quality product. Ongoing corrections to these databases and our other versions are posted to our web site on a regular basis. They are free to download for registered BibleWorks users. Serious scholars will want to cross-check final conclusions with the standard printed reference works.